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Do You Know the Instant Benefits of Visualization & Steps to Include?

Visualization is a powerful tool for helping you to realize your best life. Many people may not know that this process uses your subconscious to bring into reality what you see in your mind’s eye. You see, the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. Therefore, when you take the time to visualize your goals and how they may play out, your brain sees that as real. It uses your visualizations as practice for what’s to come. 

Many people shy away from visualization to achieve their goals simply because they feel like it would take too long to see results. After all, isn’t the key to constant visualization repetition? The answer is yes and no. By all means, you’re going to see better results the more you engage in visualization.

And we visualize every day. If you are a parent, you may share the experience of thinking the worst when you didn’t hear from your child or all day. A thought enters your mind and you may focus on the thought for a while before pushing it away. Or if your employer calls you into the office and you are not sure why — you may “fear the worst,” as they say. And if you are challenged by bouts of anxiety, bleak thoughts of the future may take over you sometimes.

The thing is, we visualize all the time, but when we intentionally sit down to make space for visualizing what we want, we are taking the helm. We construct the reality we want to experience and not focus on the reality we don’t want. This does take some time, but there are some very quick and even immediate benefits to visualization which might surprise you.

Benefits & Steps of Visualization

You Create a Clearer Goal

Maybe you weren’t entirely sure what you were hoping to achieve at the beginning of the visualization exercise. The thing is, if you did the exercise right, you’re going to know precisely what you want at the end of it. Why? Because to create a concrete visualization, you need to layer in all the details, using every one of your senses. You have to see your success, and you can’t see what you don’t know. 

Focuses Your Attention on What You Want

We get so busy in our day to day lives that we may inadvertently find ourselves focusing on our problems and deficits. Visualization forces you to concentrate only on what you want and in very specific details. This shifts your perspective to a more positive mindset. 

You Feel More Motivated

Just the act of visualization is going to generate positive emotions immediately. After all, you’re staring at your success. Who wouldn’t feel motivated by that? The funny thing is, this feeling of motivation will follow you throughout the rest of the day so long as you don’t allow it to become buried under negativity. Guard this feeling well and use it to throw yourself into the next step toward your goal.

Performance Improves

Even practicing in your head is still practicing. The use of visualization helps you to work through what you’re doing, all the way to the successful outcome, making you confident as you step up to do the work. It’s always easier to do something you’ve already done before (even if the only place you’ve done it is in your head).

Reduce Stress

Seeing something through visualization that you hope to experience in real life can make it seem more attainable. That experience moves to the forefront of your mind. As you start to see it occur again and again through visualization, the idea of actually attaining it becomes more likely. You’ll likely be less stressed about chasing your dreams when you’ve seen how they could play out. Also, the process of visualization itself can be soothing and meditative. 

Your Internal Dialogue Improves

We talk to ourselves all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of what we say to ourselves is negative, driving down our goals and ambitions by pointing out the flaws and all the places you’re likely to go wrong. Visualization answers those concerns. When you spend time working through what you want in this much detail, you’re also going to consider the possible problems – and their solutions – as part of this visualization. You also become surer of yourself and your success, which silences this inner negativity once and for all.

You Relax

Visualization is one of the surest and quickest ways to calm stress and kill anxiety. Using a quick visualization designed to ease tension will leave you feeling relaxed in mere minutes. Now you’re truly ready for whatever comes next.

Now that you know some of the benefits, let’s look at five steps to take when visualizing the life you want. 

steps to visualization

Step #1: Figure Out Your Goal

You’ll go nowhere fast if you don’t know where you’re heading. It’s a lot like getting in a car and expecting to get somewhere without a destination. All you’ll do is wind up driving aimlessly and getting nowhere fast. To find your goal, ask yourself what you’re passionate about. What’s the one thing you want to do more than any other?

Step #2: Explore the Details

Next, you’re going to want to explore the goal in depth. Experience it thoroughly by using all of your senses. What do you see when you envision it? How does it feel? What does it smell like or even taste like? What do you hear when you think about it? What emotions come alive in you when you think about reaching this goal?

Step #3: Plan for Roadblocks

It would be silly to think you could achieve a goal without any challenges along the way. What are the problems or obstacles you’re most likely going to encounter in this journey? How can you solve them? Include this in your vision.

Step #4: Visualize it Repeatedly

You need to be familiar with your dream if you wish to achieve it. Visualization is something you need to practice several times a week. Make a daily practice of visualization. Be consistent in this.

Step #5: Boost Your Success

Still floundering? Try starting visualization with a relaxation exercise. Make sure to cut out distractions, whether internal or external, and layer in a little pep talk to bring up your energy. Your best success comes from setting yourself up to succeed from the start.

By using these tips, you’ll quickly master the fine art of visualization. Remember, this only works if you’re consistent. Stay the course, and soon you’ll be finding success in whatever it is you wish to pursue. Keep in mind: visualization helps you to maintain a view of your purpose. It helps keep you on track with your goals and toward living your best life. Give it a try and see how it might work for you. 

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