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I hope at this point in our journey you’ve begun to understand how beneficial boundaries can be for your life and your relationships. Learning to prioritize yourself and your own needs can lead to several positive outcomes. It can be freeing in ways you probably never expected. That’s what I’d like to address in today’s post. Take a look below to discover some of the ways that boundaries will free you. You’ll feel lighter and more empowered than you ever have once you begin to embrace and practice this concept.

Your Needs Are Met

When you set limitations with others, you’re ensuring that your own needs are met. This is quite empowering. Putting the needs and desires of others ahead of your own can burn you out and break you down. You’ll feel so much lighter when you stop putting others ahead of yourself.

You’re More Confident

You’ll gain confidence when you learn to see that you matter. No longer will you feel that other people are more important. You’ll discover that you can set boundaries and still maintain close connections. The people who matter won’t leave you simply because you decide to take care of yourself. In fact, they’ll likely respect you more. This knowledge will give you the confidence to set more boundaries and to stand strong in them.

You’ll Gain More Time

You’ll find you have much more time to do the things you enjoy and that matter to you once you start to set boundaries with other people. Instead of spending your time doing what others wish of you, you’ll be pursuing activities and tasks that support your own goals and interests. It will be exciting to see what you can do with that time.

You’re Less Resentful

You’ll feel so much lighter when you set limitations with other folks. Reclaiming your time and intentions helps you to let go of the resentment you may hold in association with putting the comfort of others ahead of yourself. Saying no is freeing. There’s no need to resent anyone when you’re doing exactly what you want to do, rather than being pressured into caving to the interests of someone else.

You Get to Know Yourself

Setting boundaries teaches you what matters most to you. It puts you in touch with your feelings and with the things that you prioritize in life. Instead of giving in to the whim of someone else, you’re following your own plan. That’s incredibly freeing. It also makes future boundary-setting easier because you won’t have to second guess yourself. You’ll already know what you want.

These are just some of the ways that setting boundaries can free you. It’s liberating to put yourself first. You deserve this feeling.

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