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Boundary setting with co-workers is another subject that takes a certain approach. After all, chances are you’ll need to continue interacting with these folks if you plan to keep your job. Therefore, diplomacy and tact may be necessary. It’s also important to set boundaries between work time and personal time. This can be difficult, but setting boundaries at work is still possible, even necessary. Here are some tips that can help make the process easier. 


Many of us feel obligated to take on too much work and then we become overwhelmed. Delegating parts of projects to others and seeking help can make life so much better. Don’t be afraid to ask colleagues to collaborate when the job seems overwhelming. Doing so creates a positive work culture and makes everyone’s job easier. 

Own Your Time

It’s difficult to get things done when people interrupt you to socialize or ask for favors. That’s where it can help to set office hours or other limits on your time. Making your availability clear to co-workers will allow you to focus on the important things that need to get done. You can also set limitations on yourself. For example, determine when you will check email and stick to that schedule. 

Make Communication Clear

Not only do you need to set limits on your time, but it’s imperative you communicate those limits clearly to those you work with. Let the people you work with know your preferred contact methods, such as email or phone. Be sure they understand that your office hours are to be uninterrupted unless there is an emergency. Send memos or emails to everyone who will be affected by your policies. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and avoids needless frustration. 

Take Your Time Off

Whether it’s your vacation days or only your after-work hours, be sure to take your time off to rest and recharge. You’re no good to anyone at work if burnt-out and stressed to the max. You’re given time off for a reason. Using it is necessary for your mental health, as well as for your productivity. You’ll be a better employee when you use your time wisely, and this includes your free time. 

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