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No matter how hard you try to surround yourself with uplifting people, there are probably at least one or two toxic individuals in your life. We all have them. Sometimes we choose these folks, only to realize later that they’re harmful. Other times, we’re put into situations where we have to deal with difficult people such as family members or co-workers. It can seem impossible to break away from certain individuals, but it may be in your best interest to do so. Check out the signs below to realize when it’s time to break contact with someone in your life.

Your Self-Esteem Suffers

If dealing with a toxic person regularly causes your self-esteem to dwindle, it’s time to consider cutting them off. People who tear you down to lift themselves are not good for your mental health or sense of identity. They are harmful to who you are as a person and can cause you to feel insecure. Don’t allow these folks to harm your self-worth.

You Feel Angry or Annoyed

Sometimes spending time with someone leaves you feeling upset, drained, or even angry. These are signs you should take immediate notice of. These sorts of negative emotions aren’t good for your emotional or physical health. Being around someone who frustrates you greatly is toxic to your well-being.

You Notice Unhealthy Coping Mechanism

Sometimes when we’re stressed, we seek out coping mechanisms such as drinking, smoking, or eating unhealthy foods to feel better. If you are often reaching for something bad for you to help you deal with a negative person’s effects on you, it’s time to evaluate the relationship. This is also true if you notice yourself lashing out at those closest to you after a day at work with a terrible boss or spending time with difficult family members. Signs that you’re reacting negatively to a person’s presence should lead you to make a change.

You Dread Their Presence

Do you ever just dread being around someone because they upset you so much? If you’re feeling more dread than you are positive feelings, this is a sure sign this person may not be good for you. Their toxicity causes you to feel bad before you even see them. You’ll likely want to remove them from your life.

Basically, if your life is affected negatively in any way due to regular contact with another person, you should evaluate the health of that relationship. When someone causes you difficulty in other areas of your day to day, it’s time to consider breaking contact.

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