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This is the last post for the 30-day challenge. Boy has the time flown by! I’ve really appreciated your participation in the daily challenge as well as in the Facebook group. I couldn’t do this without you.

This month we have studied how important rest is and a LOT of ways to protect your right to rest while inspiring others to rest as well. Remember day 1? I shared this post

to help educate you on why we need rest in this crazy, busy world. What was your biggest take-away?

On day 6 I got serious about sleep and shared this post, where I gave you some awesome pro-tips about sleep. I know I’ve been sleeping better, how about you?

Later during the challenge, I amped up the info by sharing post 11 which taught you to create a schedule that prioritizes rest


Did you grab your day planner and make some changes? Looking at mine, I’m about to take a break soon for a walk around the block.

Day 21 was all about boundaries and how important they are to protect yourself and encourage others to have healthy relationships and not be afraid to stand up for the benefits of rest. By this time, I am sure you have really begun to see the benefits of rest for yourself and your entire family. Have you been having more family dinners lately? I know I sure have been.

That was followed up by day 25
Day 25-…/3-steps-to-create-a-rest…/ where you got some righteous tips for setting those boundaries without feeling an ounce of guilt. Good for you! Today we are wrapping things up and looking at the next steps. I highly recommend re-reading the challenge and taking notes of the things you want to implement and change in your life to really make rest a priority.

I love how we have stayed connected during the challenge and want to keep that momentum. If you’ve got ideas or thoughts about rest, I would love to hear from you. Simply connect via the Facebook group or send me an email. Either way, I can’t wait to connect with you. Thanks for being a part of the challenge and learning the best practices for making rest a priority in your life.

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