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Hello and welcome to the 30-Day Setting Healthy Boundaries with Difficult People Challenge. I’m excited you’ve decided to join me on this path toward learning about healthy boundaries, what they mean, and how to establish them with people in your life. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire when it comes to forming healthy relationships with others and with yourself.

The idea of boundaries can seem unclear or complicated. Personal boundaries are merely guidelines that you set for yourself concerning how others interact with you. A boundary isn’t a rule for how others should act. It’s about what you will allow or tolerate. Boundaries put you in the driver’s seat. You’re in control of the behaviors you accept from others.

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to set boundaries. This series will touch on them in-depth throughout the next 30 days, along with ways to maintain them. I’d like to just give you a quick overview today of some of the benefits you’ll receive from setting personal boundaries, particularly with difficult people in your life.

Less Resentment

Stating clear boundaries helps to avoid misunderstandings and keeps people on the same page. Those around you will know how you want to be treated. Therefore, they can avoid inadvertently asking too much of you or pushing you in ways that make you uncomfortable. If anyone should happen to ignore your stated boundary, you can address that with them clearly and decide whether to continue your relationship with them should the issue become a pattern in the future.

Higher Confidence

When you begin to determine what you will and won’t accept from the people around you, you’ll start to notice your confidence improve. That’s because you’re no longer concerned with how others view you. Instead, you’ve put yourself first. This isn’t selfish. It demonstrates a high regard for your own value.

Greater Satisfaction

Frankly, you’ll simply be happier and more satisfied in life when you embrace and establish your own personal boundaries. Sacrificing your own comfort for that of others is exhausting. It builds sadness and resentment. When you are clear about defending your own needs and interests, you’ll see that you begin to attract the kinds of relationships and opportunities that support you instead of ones that drain you.

These are only a few of the reasons why setting boundaries is so important. We’ll explore more as we continue our journey. I hope you’ll soon start to understand just how much your life can improve when you learn to create and establish your own personal boundaries.

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