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Prevention is always a good thing. Being able to avoid burnout can also prevent illnesses, injuries, and mental decline. Doing what you can to maintain your health is always easier than trying to regain it. Being proactive and taking the lead in maximizing your mental energy will help. 

Maximizing your mental energy requires self-awareness. Keen insight into what motivates you drains you, and what signs indicate you are nearing weariness can make keeping your energy easier. From this awareness, you can work to your strengths and caution against the things that can potentially derail you. 

Everyone is unique, but there are some universal ways to maximize your mental energy and avoid burnout. Here are a few:

  • Work smart not hard
  • Delegate
  • Switch things up

Work smart rather than working too hard. We live in a world that prizes the grind. Being a hustler, sleeping when you’re dead, or willing to give it you are all are heralded as warrior cries of winners. It’s great to be dedicated and willing to work hard, but why not work smart instead? Working smart encompasses a lot of things which includes:

  • Finding the shortest path to success
  • Striving to standardize or streamline processes
  • Knowing when to take a break 
  • Utilizing all the available resources 
  • And more

Working smart bypasses the grind and looks for the most responsible and effective way rather than the laborious way to get things done. 

Delegation means you don’t have to be the smartest person in the mix. Working hard is one thing, working smarter is a better thing. Delegating is the best. No one is an expert in all things. The key to maximizing mental energy is keeping your focus on what you do best and delegating other tasks to people who play at what you must struggle for. Delegating can help distribute efforts and get more done in a shorter amount of time. 

Keep things fresh by switching them up. Mental energy is at risk of boredom. Doing the same thing for too long can zap your enthusiasm. It’s important to switch things up. Diversity keeps mental energy high and productivity strong. Be sure to switch things up to keep them exciting and worthwhile. Try these ideas:

  • Use a remote office from time to time
  • Go on a field trip for your work
  • Work a different shift or a different day other than your typical routine
  • Try a new app or tool that helps make your work easier 

Burnout is a legitimate thief and can rob you of your joy and your productivity. Be sure to keep things hopping so you can keep your mental game strong and avoid burning out when it’s easy to prevent.

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