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The emphasis you place on rest makes an impact on others. How you view rest and what steps you take to integrate it into your life doesn’t go unnoticed. Your example and impact can help create a culture of rest for those under your influence. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, parent, or have a tribe of friends, you are a leader. People look to one another all the time and observe. They notice people who have their act together and want to emulate what they do to keep themselves healthy. Whether they know it or not, people are leading by example all the time. 

What is a culture of rest? 

A culture of rest refers to the standard you place on rest in your daily life. It relates to how you incorporate rest into your routine at work and home. If rest is part of your culture, then it stands out as a primary element of how you structure your life. 

How can I create a culture of rest? 

You can create a culture of rest by setting up your work and private time to include rest. Additionally, you can encourage those around you to make rest a priority in their on and off-duty lives as well. Some ideas might include:

Creating schedules that include breaks and reasonable work hours- Many people fail to take breaks during the day or work long after their creative energy is expended. Encouraging people to work reasonable hours with breaks and finishing when their energy is spent can help.

Model healthy examples of “balance”- Those you influence are always watching. Modeling healthy balances between screen time and activity time, resting and being physically active, engaging others, and being solitary all model healthy balances.

Take vacations and be open about the value of rest- Actively going on vacations and speaking to the importance of taking a break helps encourage and empower others to do the same.  

If you value rest and make it a priority in your own lifestyle, it will influence and make an impact on those you lead. Having a healthy mindset about rest and articulating your support for rest will help normalize the concept and the overall health of those you lead will rise overall. Healthier people are more productive, easier to be around, and generally have a better attitude about life.

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