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Try as you might to shut your brain down and get a good night’s rest, sometimes the chatter that goes on in your mind keeps you from restful sleep. Perhaps the issues are physical or emotional. Either way, some people find it really hard to get restful sleep. 

Luckily your smartphone has access to all kinds of apps that can help. From meditation apps to apps that track your sleep and report back when and how well you slept, there is an app out there for nearly all sleep issues. 

Let’s take a look at some top apps that you can download today!   

Meditation apps: 

Calm App- The calm app has it all. Included in the app are ambient music tracks, guided sleep stories, breathing exercises, and more. Calm has both free and paid versions and is available for most smartphone devices.

Smiling Mind App- This app is part of a non-profit, which can help you feel good about your purchase. Their tagline is we are driven by impact, not profits. The app offers a wide range of topics that can help you focus your mind in specific ways. Need to focus on gratitude? They’ve got a meditation for that. Want to focus on relationships? They’ve got you covered. What’s wonderful about this company is they focus on bringing their resources to schools to help kids learn to use their minds to control their thinking and behaviors. 

Sleep cycle tracking apps: 

SleepScore App- This app and its associated products provide multiple ways to help you fall asleep faster, evaluate your sleep, and detect sleep disruptions that could be keeping you from getting high-quality sleep. There is an app for your smartphone as well as a website that offers additional products and services that enhance the experience. 

Sleep App– This app has similar features to other sleep recording apps. It tracks how long you stay in bed and what your quality of sleep is like. It also can detect if you are snoring. It gathers your data and can render an analysis weekly and monthly. 

Bedtime Story apps: 

Calm App- The Calm app is widely known for its ambient sounds and meditations, but it also provides bedtime stories as a way to wind down and prepare for bed. If you loved hearing stories as a child, this may be a great app for your arsenal. 

Smartphone technology has its perks. Your smartphone can help you find better rest and deeper, more restorative sleep. Consider using an app to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you suffer from sleep issues, an app can help you detect them and possibly remedy them.

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