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There’s not much worse than feeling frantic. Overthinking, worry, fears, and other heightened emotions can lead to outrageous behaviors. Behaviors like:

  • Being controlling
  • Acting out in anger
  • Avoiding people and tasks
  • Blaming
  • And other behaviors

Part of trying to mitigate fear is trying to control as much of a situation as you can. This can drain your spirit. Spending too much energy trying to control things that may be beyond control can make your soul weary, your body achy, and your mind mushy. It flat wears you out in every way. 

When you are facing extreme circumstances and you can’t control them, it’s time to consider giving up control to find rest. That may sound much easier than it actually is. If control has been all that’s holding you together, letting go can feel like abandonment or asking for the worst. That can feel very scary. 

The reality is, if you can’t control something, there is literally nothing you can do about it anyway and the best thing you can do is make space to rest so you have the energy, brainpower, and spiritual resolve to make it through. 

Here are some simple Dos and Don’ts to help you give up control and create room for rest. 

Do: Pray or meditate. It doesn’t matter what belief system you look to for your source of strength. Letting go and praying, meditating, or connecting with the universe all help you sense something bigger than yourself and your problems. There is a comfort to be had by giving your worries up to a higher power. 

Don’t: Expect to feel better instantly. It probably took you a while to get to the state you’re in. Give yourself time to unwind and let go. If you’ve been trying to control the situation like a micro-manager, it will take time to back off and be at ease with chips falling where they may. 

Do: Expect the best. Letting go allows you to get some rest. Washing your hands from what you can’t control and focusing on what you can help you find some wins where once everything seemed to fail. The more you let go, the easier it is to be effective with the things you can impact directly.

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