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Productivity has a high value. Being seen as a productive person is high praise. Those who do — get. Those who sow — reap. We live in a time when multi-tasking is expected; those who produce the most while complaining the least are seen as the rock stars. Taking time off can seem like slacking. Resting looks like a weakness. The messages are clear – Just Do It!

Everyone needs a break. From time off each week to a vacation a couple of times a year, everyone needs a break from time to time. It’s your job to assert your right to rest and to protect it!

You have the right to rest

Despite someone else’s opinion, you have the right to rest. It isn’t up to someone else to determine when, how much, or what sort of rest you need. Everyone is different. Some people can get by on minimal sleep and some people can handle lots of stimulation without wearing out. It’s your job to stand up for your right to rest regardless of someone else’s standards.

You have the need to rest

Rest is non-negotiable. It is vital and, in some cases, mandatory. Your body must sleep. You must eat. And you thrive in environments that are healthy and supportive. Nonetheless, sometimes life comes with sleeplessness, hunger, and dysfunction. You will have to rest and recover from the negative and draining aspects of life to function at your best.

You have the desire to rest

Even the most enthusiastic and dedicated person wants a break now and then. You come with a built-in desire to take a break. Don’t override the inclination to sleep, eat, and rest. Let your body take the lead and listen to what it is saying. Don’t medicate, caffeinate, or overrule your body’s desire to rest. Pay attention and protect your right to rest. You need a break.

You must respect other people’s need to rest

One of the best ways to protect your right to rest is to value and honor others’ needs to rest. Being supportive and encouraging for others who need to take a break will help them stay as enthusiastic about life as you. Helping out when someone needs time off makes it easier for them to help you when it’s your turn.

Taking time doesn’t make you weak and you are not a victim. Protect your right to rest and stand up for the importance for you and others to rest and refresh so everyone can be their most productive.

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