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We are being barraged by toxins inside and out! Resting from the effects of toxins is necessary to manage our physical and mental health. Some toxins seem obvious while others might slip by undetected. Taking a break from toxins to detox is never a bad thing.  

Toxins are in our food! 

It’s no surprise that the modern diet consists of a lot of toxins. If you aren’t eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, you’re likely ingesting a lot of toxins. Even fruits and veggies can be laced with toxic pesticides and other chemicals designed to increase their shelf life and make them look more appealing. 

Resting from highly processed foods and cutting back on chemical-infused products can help detox from the inside out. Check labels and try to purchase food that has fewer ingredients to give your body a rest. 

Toxins are on our skin! 

From the sun we bathe into the lotion we use to prevent the sun from burning us, they are toxic. Many products we use contain chemicals and toxic substances that can be harmful. Sometimes toxins cause allergies and sometimes they cause illness or injuries. Taking a break from toxins can help your body heal and regenerate. 

Be conscientious about getting too much sun. Wear protective gear and limit the types of things you use on your body. From shampoo to makeup, there are toxins in every product. Give yourself a rest from time to time to allow your body to heal. 

Toxins are in our homes! 

The more beautifully decorated your home, the more toxic it might be. Many of the products used to make furniture, décor, and other home goods contain toxins. These can leach into the air or onto your body directly. Depending on what you purchase and the material it is made from, you may be adding to the toxicity in your home without knowing it.  

Make yourself aware of the materials used to create the goods in your home. Research to be clear on what items may not be a good match for your lifestyle and the sensitivities of your family. 

Toxins are in our environments! 

Did you know that people, places, and things can all be toxic? Negative people can affect your mental state. Places that are too loud, too over-stimulating, or too overwhelming can affect your mind, body, and spirit. Things like devices can become toxic if overused and not regulated. 

Take a break from toxic people, toxic environments, and toxic activities that can rob you of your sleep, your peace, and your health. 

Some toxins are unavoidable while others you can control. Take steps to take a break from as many toxins as you can and detox from others when things get overwhelming. Doing what you can to reduce or eliminate the toxins in your life will restore your sense of rest and wellbeing. 

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