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A weary spirit is no joke. It’s not something that can be restored with a Snickers bar and a Gatorade. A weary spirit can be felt in the bones and might result in utter and total withdraw from everything and everyone you love. Weariness in the spirit generally follows a crisis of epic proportion or the wearing down of the soul over a long period of time. One thing is for sure… a weary spirit deserves to be restored. 

Self-help is a big business. Self-care and me-time are big buzzwords these days. There is a shift from suffering in silence to taking back your mental health and your bubble bath time. While you can find lots of information out there on topics like the Top Ten Ways to Eat Right to Feel Right, there isn’t a lot out there for the really big stuff. You need real-work solutions for a weary spirit. So here you go: 

Real-World Solution #1: Stop whatever you are doing. If your spirit is weary, you are likely walking around in a zombie-like state of being. You are going through the motions and your body may be showing up, but your spirit is locked in a battle. A weary spirit can feel resigned to the situation and feel defeated. This state of being – where nothing is possible and things simply “are what they are” is an indicator that your spirit is in dire need of rest. 

Stop what you are doing and make getting help and restoring your spirit your top priority. Stop committing to anything that isn’t mandatory for your or your family’s immediate needs. Make space in your life for whatever sorts of healing you need. This could include therapy, help from a clergy member, or another radical form of rest. 

Real-World Solution #2: Get mad as hell. Weary spirits are often tied to deep-rooted sadness, which can come from a deep loss, a sense of betrayal, or being blindsided in some unimaginable way. Since it isn’t socially acceptable to rage or express your hysteria, it oftentimes gets stuffed. This can cause weariness over time. 

It’s time to get mad as hell so you can begin to heal. Find a way to express your anger (and sadness can be a form of anger) so you can get it out of your system. This might be done through physical activities like kickboxing or other high-impact activities. The key is to allow the feelings to flow when they come to the surface. If you simply can’t bear doing this alone, a trained therapist or coach can help you through the process. 

Real-World Solution #3: Connect with something bigger than yourself. Whether you are spiritual or not, you can connect with something bigger than yourself. You can pray, chant a mantra, walk barefoot in the dirt, go on a retreat at a monastery, or do a cleansing ritual. There is something out there that your spirit will resonate with. Even volunteering to support a cause you care about will help rejuvenate your spirit. Looking beyond yourself and connecting with something bigger can help your spirit feel part of something, which can be very healing indeed. 

Restoring a weary spirit takes more than a quick fix. It requires a deeper and sometimes longer route than simply grabbing a nap and a snack. Honor yourself and allow yourself to take some real-world action steps to restore a weary spirit. 

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