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Rest is vital for everyone. From the cradle to the grave, everyone needs sleep. While not everyone is getting enough sleep, some aren’t getting quality sleep either. Ideally, a good quantity of high-quality sleep is the goal. Restful and rejuvenating sleep can make all the difference when facing the day; therefore, having enough of it is essential. 

Getting a better night’s sleep can restore the body and the mind. Being comfortable and ensuring you sleep deeply for a healthy amount of time can help in all areas of life. Here are some pro tips for getting a better night’s sleep. 

Pro-tip 1: Create a comfortable space– Having a comfortable space to sleep makes a big difference in the quality and quantity of sleep you can expect. Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. Free from clutter, not too hot, not too cold, and free from distractions. Your bed and your bedding should be high quality and promote comfort while you sleep. 

Pro-tip 2: Create a bedtime routine- Studies show that having a regular bedtime routine, including a consistent time to go to bed, helps improve your natural sleep/wake rhythm. A routine that starts an hour or so before bed can help trigger your body into restfulness. 

Pro-tip 3: Make sleep time screen-free time– It might seem relaxing to scroll through your device while you unwind in bed. The blue light that emits from your device might interrupt your sleep. It’s best to turn your devices off, so the alerts don’t wake you from deep sleep through the night, causing you to lose the deep sleep connection that helps your mind and body restore itself. 

Pro-tip 4: Make your bed in the morning– Making your bed is an excellent task to start your day off right. It triggers the habit of completing tasks and sends a message to your brain that you finish what you start. In the same way, deconstructing your bed can help remind your body that it’s time to engage in sleep activity. Simply falling into a messy bed that’s been disheveled all day is much less gratifying than slipping into a neat and cozy bed space designed for sleep. 

At some point, our bodies are going to sleep. We can’t live without it. Your actions can significantly determine the quality of that sleep. You can set your bedtime up for success, or you can hope for the best each night. Taking care to protect and preserve your rest and make sure your bedroom is a welcoming space makes a big difference. Use these pro-tips to get the advantage and make sleep time the best it’s ever been.

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