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Exhaustion comes in many forms. You can experience weariness from being physically worn out, and you can become fatigued from working through difficult problems. There are many, many ways to become tired. One of the most dangerous forms of weariness is losing your joy. Losing your joy makes you weary in the spirit, which is deep and can alter your life. If you don’t interrupt the assault on your joy, it can lead to apathy, depression, and a loss of purpose. 

Whatever steals your joy makes your spirit weary.

Life has its ups and downs. Things happen – both good and bad – and they make an impact and leave a mark. Life is meant to be experienced in its entirety. No one truly expects things to be great all the time. Loss comes, change happens, but life shouldn’t steal your joy altogether. 

Some things that steal your joy are small and often go unnoticed until the impact is tremendous. There isn’t one particular experience that happens, more like a slow draining of your joy over time. Examples might be:

  • Being in relationships with negative people
  • Not pursuing your dreams
  • Living with a chronic illness or injury
  • Failing to achieve goals 

These situations may not make a bold impact all at once, but they whittle away at your esteem, your dreams, and your joy over time. The result can be a weariness that leaves you feeling physically tired, mentally weak, and spiritually unsatisfied. 

Sometimes your joy is impacted in a big way through an event or calamity:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a career
  • Loss of an important opportunity or asset 

It may only take one event to rob you of your joy and leave you feeling blindsided and weary. You know precisely when and how you lost your joy. 

Whether you’ve lost your joy from a one-and-done experience or it eroded over time, the result surely means you’re tired. You are tired of feeling hopeless, helpless, or uninterested in things of value. Tired of being stuck and tired of being tired.

The cure for your exhaustion lies in finding some joy! Reclaiming the joy you’ve lost or manufacturing new joy altogether. Finding joyful things or bringing joy into your life will shift your weariness to enthusiasm and enjoyment. If you’ve lost your joy, make an effort to find some so you can feel rejuvenated. 

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