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Being on the go is a normal state of being. Families are busy! Between the expectations for work and home, there aren’t enough hours in the day. The larger the family, the larger the calendar, and the more activities that fill up the day. Being busy doesn’t leave time for things like rest and play, and being on the go leaves little time to be in tune with your body. It’s entirely possible that you are weary and don’t even know it.

There are all sorts of weariness. The most common is physical fatigue, which is pretty noticeable each time you lay down to sleep. Being physically exhausted can feel normal, and sometimes it is. Doing heavy physical labor, working out, or engaging in physically active sports can fatigue your body, but there are ways you may be weary that aren’t at the top of your mind. Here are some uncommon ways that you might be wary and not know it.

Brain fogSome degree of forgetfulness or scattered thinking is normal. Life is busy, and some people have a better aptitude for detailed thinking but being weary affects your mind. If you have felt like it’s harder to remember important information or you’ve dropped the ball a time or two, it might mean that you are weary and need some rest.

Frequent illnesses– Catching a common cold is…well, common, but the chronic low-grade illness can be an indicator of being weary. When we are too tired, our defenses are down, making us susceptible to frequent illness. If you can’t seem to heal from one bug before getting the next, it might mean that you need some rest and rejuvenation.

Stomach troubles– If you’ve been having a hard time digestion or seem to be triggered by foods, it could be due to being run down. Being on the go can lead to a poor diet, resulting in reactions to too much salt, fat, and preservatives. Additionally, having a nervous stomach can also be linked to anxiety and worries from an exhausted mind. If you are experiencing heartburn, stomach issues, or making too many trips to the restroom, exhaustion might be why.

Feeling tired might be such a common experience that you aren’t even aware you’re exhausted. Sure, you may be aware that you don’t feel great and lack enough energy, but are you sure why? Look for hidden reasons you may be tired, so you can get a handle on the situation and make important changes.

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