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Thank you for joining me on the 30-day mind and body connection challenge. This challenge is designed to get you thinking about the mind and the body in a whole new way. For 30 days, we have discussed the synchronicity between the mind and body and what can happen if there’s a disconnect between the two. 

On day one, I shared how the mind and body are designed to be in sync (Mind and Body Connection: Be in Sync and in Health), and that many times people are completely unaware how many physical ailments are actually connected to what you focus on.

Later, we discovered that what we don’t know could be hurting us and how blaming others disrupts our mind and body connection. (What You Don’t Know Could Be Hurting You; Disruption of Your Mind and Body Connection: The Blame Game

As we moved through the challenge, I shared important tips on reconnecting the mind and body. You read about pro-tips to improve your inner dialogue (Pro-tips Improve Your Inner Dialogue) and started changing the conversations you have in your head. Hasn’t that made a big difference? 

Also, I shared how important self-care is. (Self-care is More than Just a Buzzword) Remember, self-care is not something to feel guilty about… it’s vital to your mind and body connection! 

As we began to wrap things up, I shared an important article on forgiveness and how it paves the way for a healthy mind and body. (Forgiveness Paves the Way for a Healthy Mind and Body) Don’t forget about making your bed (Make Your Bed-Habits That Connect the Mind and Body) and downloading apps to help with mindfulness and sleep. (Apps That Help Calm Your Mind)

It’s a great time to go back and re-read some of your favorite articles and take notes or print them out for easy access. Take action and start working on your mind and body connection and getting things in sync. 

Thank you for your dedication throughout these 30 days and your commitment to improving your mind and body connection. I know you are going to feel amazing and start to influence those you love most to connect their minds and bodies as well.

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