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What inspires you? Observable things inspire many people. Watching someone they admire doing their best, watching a powerful Ted Talk, or a movie that moves them. An example inspires most people. They see something or someone behaving in a specific way, and they want more of that! – whatever that is. 

Being connected wholly between your mind and body creates synchronicity that gets noticed. Healthy people have a way about them that other people see. They observe the positive traits that people have from being connected. Aspects like:

  • Overall great health
  • The mindful way of engaging with others
  • Kindness
  • Great boundaries
  • Great personal style
  • And more

You impact others with presence when you connect your mind and body and become more aware of how the two support each other. They will be drawn to you and want to understand better what keeps you grounded, positive, and so self-aware. 

You may not realize that you are having an impact, but you are. People can read others and can tell when someone genuinely loves and enjoys themselves. The confidence is evident, and it’s contagious! The more connected your mind and body are, the more positive impact you have on others. 

Integrating your mind and body and honoring the importance of the two working together will inspire people: your family, your friends, and those in your sphere of influence. You can expect to see an increase in:

  • The quality of your health
  • The quality of your friendships
  • The quality of your recreation
  • The quality of your self-expression 

These become influential with others who want to understand how you do things more improved.

  • How you stay calm under stress
  • How you put that great outfit together
  • How your skin looks so great
  • How you balance your busy life
  • How you find time for self-care

In essence, you become an influencer like those you’ve admired on social media. Your example becomes one to follow. Way to go! Your way of being becomes an example for others and inspires them as they observe you living your best life. 

As you move through your day, consider your decisions, and how you may be influencing others. Ensure that you are making the best decisions you can, so your influence is positive and raises others to their highest potential. 

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