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Have you ever noticed how colors make you feel? Did you know that the color blue is designed to make you feel calm and the color red triggers hunger? That’s why spas tend to paint their walls various shades of blue, topaz, and sea-foam while your favorite pizza joint has red and white checkered tablecloths. 

Similarly, colors have tones that can make you feel warm and cozy or slightly chilly. The terms warm and cool tones refer to the underlying tone in a color that gives off a vibe of warmth or chill. 

Color is an important part of your decor 

Color is an important influence on your mind and body. So is the decor. Decor influences your mind and body connection and can leave you feeling safe and at ease or slightly on edge. 

If you do a Google search for decor styles, you’ll find an assortment from modern, to country, to turn of the century. There are many different ways to design a space. Some you’ll resonate with and some you won’t. The styles will influence your mind and body connection. 

Finding a style and decorating your personal spaces can make a big impact on your personal happiness when you are home. Understanding how color, textures, and aesthetics influence your mind is very important. Making sure your personal spaces are designed to bring out the best – rather than the worst – really matters.  

If you love warm tones and you live in a home with cool-tone white walls, it can really influence your mood and your mind and body connection. Something as simple as painting your walls a warm golden color can radically change your day-to-day living experience. In the same way, lighting can directly affect your mood and your ability to concentrate, relax, or manage stimulation. 

Use art to make your spaces cozy 

If you are especially visual, having art that inspires and stimulates you really matters. Looking about and seeing photos of family or items from special vacations or gifts from friends can help your mind and body feel safe and comfortable. 

How things feel is an important aspect of decor 

People who love the way things feel benefit from comfort. Having textures in the home like comfy couches, warm sheets and blankets, and soft fuzzy rugs can help you de-stimulate and relax after a busy day. 

Even if you haven’t given much thought to home décor, it does influence your homebody experience. Making sure your decor reflects your style can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are at home. Check into what styles you love and what colors, textures, and sights make you happy. Incorporate these into your decor and your mind and body will thank you.

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