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“As you become more present in your own life, you begin to enlighten others by your example”- Germany Kent

Knowing the value of a healthy mind and body is a testimony of self-love. Being an example to others is important. Encouraging those closest to you to do what they need to do for their healthy minds and bodies is equally important to your health. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you want harmony and peace in your home, it is best to come from within those who live inside the walls. 

Encouraging your family to keep their minds and bodies connected will help create self-sufficient children and spouses on track and on the same page. That’s a very good thing!   

Help your family find the language for their experiences

Role models help young minds articulate their experiences. Being in tune with kids and finding language for their experiences can help connect their minds and bodies. Kids won’t generally say they are scared of a bully at school, but they will express that they have a stomachache. Helping kids put two-and-two together and understand why they feel the way they feel can help them see how their mind is connected to their physical experience. 

Help your family find outlets for their self-care

It doesn’t matter how old you are; sometimes you need a soak in the tub and a great beverage. A young boy might need a bubble bath and a cold drink as much as his mother. A frustrated girl might need to go out and hit a baseball with all her might to release aggression. All ages need an outlet for self-care. 

Keep the mind and body connection a topic in the home

Modeling how the mind and body are connected helps families keep the main thing the main thing. If someone is acting out in anger, sadness, or overwhelm, seek to find a connection between the behavior and what is going on emotionally. Helping families by not reacting punitively to negative behaviors and pointing out how those stressors affect the body and the mind can help family members learn to identify a disconnect and actively work to close the gap.

The mind and body connection works for every age, and every member of your family. Helping yourself and those you love keep their minds and bodies connected creates harmony and health from the inside out.  

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