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Your mind and body are connected. Your innermost thoughts influence your physical presence. How you express yourself outward is part of what you consider to be beautiful inward. This includes how you dress, what décor you prefer, and how you express yourself artistically. 

Self-expression is a form of self-care as well as part of your identity. A well-connected mind and body are free to express themselves with ease. Having style and expressing it through your clothing, décor, and artistic experiences make life colorful, fun, and full of texture.

Have you thought much about your style? Do you consider yourself to be stylish? Whether or not you are confident with your style, you certainly have one. Discovering your style and expressing yourself can be a lot of fun. Here are some dos and don’ts for discovering your style and expressing yourself.

Do: Feel confident to wear clothes that make you happy. Whether your style is laid back or couture, wear what makes you happy! Trends influence what people wear, but the style is your overall spin on trends and timeless classics. Your style can be a mixture of anything you want. Be confident and wear the things that make you happy inside and out. 

Do: See your home as a canvas for self-expression. Your home is your sanctuary and should reflect your taste and style. Be sure to express yourself with colors, patterns, textures, and décor that reflect what makes you happy. Coming home should feel warm and fuzzy…like a comforting hug. Make sure your home reflects your style by seeing it as a canvas with unlimited possibilities.

Do: Find inspiration and influences that excite you. It’s fun to explore new ideas for personal style and home décor, and expressions of art. Books, social media, museums, and shows are all great resources for experiencing new influences and getting excited about the possibilities.

Don’t Stifle your creativity. Everyone is creative. Everyone has preferences. Don’t stifle your creativity and deny yourself the opportunities to express yourself. You can get dressed up to go to the grocery store. Decorate your home, even if you never have visitors. Do these things for your enjoyment, not for others. 

Don’t let others dim your passion. Your self-expression is all about you. All about your mind and body connection and how much better it is when you are engaged in meaningful and artistic endeavors. Looking around and enjoying what you see in the mirror and your personal space is a righteous goal. Strive to express yourself, and don’t let anyone else influence you out of what you find beautiful. 

Don’t: Forget to encourage others. When you encourage others to discover their unique style and express themselves the way they want, you add to their joy and happiness. Being an example to others by expressing yourself freely empowers them as well. 

Self-expression is an integral part of what keeps the mind and body well connected. Being able to discover and express your style is fulfilling and rewarding. Emphasize self-exploration and defining your style and encourage others to do the same. 

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