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Have you heard the news?! Self-care is the new buzzword. At some point, it became less admirable to wear yourself into the ground in the name of busy-ness and more valuable to stop the madness and pay attention to your physical and mental health needs. 

Self-care is more than a buzzword. It’s what stands between your mind, and your body is truly connected. Self-care is part of the solution, not the problem. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s vital to your health. 

Knowing what your mind and body need to stay connected, refreshed, and recharged helps keep the mind and body connection strong. Being able to plug into what you need each day to maximize your strength, happiness, and well-being makes it possible to withstand the inevitable setbacks with grace and ease. 

Self-care doesn’t mean what you think

Self-care isn’t all about spa days and a lifestyle. Self-care is knowing yourself well and being in tune with yourself to fill your mind and body gaps easily. Self-care includes things like…

  • Knowing when you need a nap instead of pushing through
  • Acknowledging hunger and eating health foods
  • Participating in emotionally fulfilling activities 

Self-care isn’t about indulgences as much as it is about homing in on the right thing to fill the right need at the right time.  

Self-care isn’t always the same thing

That means self-care looks different every day. Self-care could be spending quality time with someone you love rather than isolating. Self-care might mean enjoying an amazing piece of chocolate and a glass of red wine, and it could mean taking a day off to recharge your over-stimulated mind. 

Learning to tune into what you need each day means you’ll get the refreshment your mind and body need to keep on being their best.  

It would be best if you cared for yourself every day

Self-care isn’t a weekend or a vacation thing. It’s every day. Tapping into a self-care tool kit should be a daily activity. Your needs may shift from day-to-day, but the daily need to practice self-care will always be there. From establishing a sleep/wake routine to choosing healthy foods for your fuel, self-care is a bunch of rituals throughout the day. Create a self-care tool kit so you can easily tap into what you need when you need it. 

Self-care may sound like a superfluous thing, but it’s not. Self-care is a necessary part of the mind and body connection. Caring for yourself and making sure your physical and emotional needs are supported should be as natural as the other healthy choices you make. 

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