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“Everybody needs some time away” is a line from the famous song Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry by Peter Cetera and his band Chicago. It’s the truth. Everybody needs time away. Unplugging from life’s demands and getting back in sync is an important part of keeping your mind and body connected. A staycation is a perfect way to re-energize your mind and body and refresh your spirit. 

Vacations include travel, being in unfamiliar places, and jam-packed agendas. Staycations begin in the comfort of your own home and offer unlimited possibilities for rest, relaxation, and fun! 

Here’s some fun staycation ideas.

Try an extended unplugged weekend: Now, more than ever, people are spending more time plugged in: plugged into their phones, their computers, their social media, and other electronic forms of communication. Try having an unplugged staycation where you disconnect from everything and enjoy activities you’ve neglected or haven’t had time for. An unplugged staycation can help remind you of how dependent you are on electronics and how good it can feel to be cut free from them. 

Eat, drink, and be merry: A staycation is perfect for refreshing your mind and body. Sleeping in, eating great foods, and enjoying family and friends without an agenda is a great way to build your stamina back up and feel equally well in your mind and body.  

Tackle a project: Using time off at home to tackle a project can re-energize your mind and spirit. Knocking out tasks on your to-do list brings a sense of accomplishment that stimulates your mind and body. Doing physical work can also refresh your home and yard.  

Experience your hometown like a tourist: Most people live their lives doing day-to-day activities that make sense for their lifestyle. They go to work, the store, and recreate based on their weekly schedule, bypassing opportunities to see their hometown like a tourist. Spend time visiting the attractions that make your town special. Take a day off to visit a historical spot, a museum, or explore outdoor activities in your backyard.     

Everybody needs a holiday. So does their mind. A staycation is an excellent way to refresh both. Staying home, doing what you love, and enjoying the people you love without work or other distractions is an excellent way to reconnect your mind and body and get your life back in sync.

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