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Deciding to make positive changes in your life is essential to living a healthy and quality life. Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish – it’s smart! The better you are inside and out, the better you’ll be for those around you. Congratulations on deciding to make a change!

While you may have committed to making changes, it doesn’t guarantee those around you are ready. That’s okay if they’re not. But there are three types of people to avoid while you focus on yourself.  

  • Controlling people
  • Negative people
  • Unreliable people 

These people are saboteurs who can easily derail your progress and get you off track and open the rift between your mind and body. 

Controlling people- Controlling people use their influence on their agenda. They overcome, overbear, and overburden others until they bend to their will. It’s important to set clear boundaries with controlling people to safeguard yourself and stay committed to reconnecting your mind and body. 

Negative people- Negative people see the possible pitfalls for everything. Their forecast is always grim, and they bet that things won’t last or work out. They see into the future, and it is always filled with the ways things could go wrong, and they feel you need to “keep it real” or “stay in your lane.” Negative people don’t try to control your thoughts, but they try to warn you of all the roadblocks before you. 

Unreliable people- Life is lived in community. It takes a village and all that jazz…At some point, you will need to rely on others while making important changes. Watch out for who you rely on. Leaning on unreliable people can sabotage you by disappointing you and leaving you high and dry when you need help most. 

Choose your company wisely

Be sure to identify the controlling, negative, and unreliable people in your life so you can work around their tendencies while you heal and reconnect your mind and body. Build up your boundaries, your courage, and your expectations, so you surround yourself with the best people. As you begin to maximize your mind and body connection, you’ll naturally attract better people and expect more of those in your inner circle. 

Change comes with adversity. People won’t always be able to support you. Be ready for their push back and fortify yourself against their influences so you can focus on yourself and achieve your goals. 

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