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Your inner dialogue is the most powerful influence on your mind and body. Your inner dialogue is a running commentary about what you are sensing, feeling, and experiencing. 

Generally, your inner dialogue is a first-person conversation with yourself at all times. If your dialogue is filled with positivity and grace, there’s likely to be a solid mind and body connection. Still, if your inner dialogue is negative, you’re likely experiencing some self-doubt, if not self-loathing. If that’s the case, it’s time to improve your inner dialogue! 

In the same way, outward experiences can affect your mood, your inner experiences can influence how you feel and react. Making sure that what you are thinking and saying to yourself is positive is vital. 

Here are some pro-tips to improve what you say and what you hear inside your mind.

Pro-tip: Identify what you say. You likely know that you have a running dialogue, but you may have never paid attention to the tone your dialogue has. The first step to mastering your inner dialogue is determining what the content tends to be. 

  • Is it positive or negative?
  • Do you spend time thinking about the past, present, or future? 

Learn to discern what patterns you fall into inside your head, and you can make changes accordingly. 

Pro-tip: Thank you next! If you realize your dialogue is negative and takes you places you know aren’t your best thoughts, learn to say, “Thank you, next!” intentionally changing your thoughts is the best way to control your dialogue. You can change the narrative and put the focus where it should be. 

Pro-tip: Stay in the present. Many thoughts and worries come from fear, i.e., fears about the future that is unpredictable and fears about the past that may repeat itself. Keep your dialogue in the present, where all things are possible. If you are worried that the past will haunt you, do something intentional to prevent past mistakes. If you fear the future, focus on the moment right in front of you. If you do what you can with what you have, you can influence the future in the best way possible. 

Your inner dialogue has a lot to do with the mind and body connection. You are your inner dialogue. It isn’t independent of you. You control the narrative and the conversation going on. Choose thoughts and dialogue that are in alignment with your highest self. Pro-Tips to Improve Your Inner Dialogue

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