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The mind disconnects from the body for many reasons – ignorance, blame, and denial. It is the unawareness that something is an issue that can hurt but can be solved relatively easily through awareness or knowledge. Blaming others limit you, but confronting controlling behavior takes back your power. 

Denying that something is a problem that leads to destruction

Some things in life are hard. Even knowing what to do and having the personal power to do it won’t always guarantee it happens. If that were so, there’d be no smoking, drug use, or alcoholism. 

Denying that something is a problem that leads to destruction. Our minds shut down to preserve our energy, dignity, or sanity when things are too much to bear. This is often why people avoid seeking a physician when there are clear signs of a medical issue. 

The chief causes of denial are wrapped up in feelings of:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Anxiety

These feelings feel so overwhelming at times that it’s easier to shove them aside for easier things to manage. You can focus on something or someone else to alleviate the fear, worry, and anxiety. The problem is…the issues remain.

Start solving problems

A key to eradicating denial is solving problems. Most of the denial comes from not knowing what to do or being too afraid to take the actions. Breaking things down into manageable steps can help. Sure, it’s painful to take a hard look at what’s happening, but it is the first step to making the problem smaller and eventually under control. 

Get into community 

People who are in denial are isolated. They either won’t share their struggles, or they refuse to acknowledge them. Getting into the community helps with companionship and accountability. Having people in your corner rooting for you or expecting the best from you can help you take action when your mind wants to hide. 

Ask yourself why?

Asking yourself why you aren’t taking action despite knowing better can help you see how your mind works against your body. If you have addiction issues, seek guidance. If your mindset is out of whack, get counseling or appropriate coaching to overcome your blocks.  

Avoidance is a problematic mindset because there is knowledge of what must be done, but there is a breakdown of the actions to be taken. The mind is overruling the body, and they are not in sync. Closing the gap will help the mind get on board with what is best for the body and see that they are related.

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