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Our minds and bodies are designed to work in tandem with optimal health. A healthy mind has a healthy influence on the body, and a healthy body helps keep the mind focused and strong. A healthy mind and body connections tend to come from a greater awareness that mindset and the outward expression of your mindset must be intentional. 

Said differently, your mind and body are best connected when you actively keep the two linked. What you know is likely helping you, and what you don’t know could be hurting you. 

There are three main thieves of the mind and body connection:

  • Ignorance
  • Blame 
  • Denial 

These thieves of joy infiltrate the mind and create a disconnect, or rift, between the mind and body. 

Ignorance relates to simply not knowing. This falls into many categories when it comes to the mind and body connection. Let’s take a look:

Not knowing there is a connection between the mind and body. If you are unaware that there is a direct connection between the mind and body, ignorance is at play. Not realizing that what you think about and how you think about things directly affects your body keeps you operating in the dark. 

Not knowing there is an issue. Some people are unaware that there are issues. They are unaware that they don’t feel great. They are operating in life as if things are the way they are because they always have been this way. These people are often highly unaware of their impact on others, let alone the impact their minds are having on their bodies. 

Knowing something is off base and knowing what to do about it are two different things. Some people truly do not know what to do to remedy a situation. Their ignorance about healthy eating, self-care, psychology, or inter-personal relationships is directly disconnecting their minds and bodies.  

Ignorance isn’t about intelligence. It’s about simply not knowing any better. Maya Angelou is attributed to saying, “Do the best you can with what you know. When you know better – do better.” That’s the power of breaking ignorance. The more you know, the better you can do.  

Ignorance is one of the factors that contribute to a mind and body disconnection. Being unaware that the mind and body work together, a breakdown is an issue, or what to do to repair the gap are all examples of ignorance. Awareness is the key to replacing ignorance with knowledge and bridging the gap.

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