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When standing in front of the mirror, do your outside match your inside? Is your outward appearance a true reflection of how you see yourself in your mind’s eye? 

If you poll most people, they will tell you they desire to look and feel great. They want to have well-rounded lives with opportunities to express themselves freely – including how they dress, how their homes look, and how they engage with others. They want whatever ideals are in their minds…and yet, not everyone is experiencing the very things they want. 

Why? The disconnection between the mind and body. 

The disconnection between the outward reflection of inward thoughts can be obvious or subtle. Some obvious signs are:

  • Being overweight
  • Being underweight
  • Being out of shape
  • Lack of personal style

These evident reflections indicate a mind and body disconnect between what you want and what you are experiencing in the mirror. Some disconnections between the mind and body can be much more subtle. Some subtle signs are: 

  • Biting nails
  • Insecurity
  • Nervous or repetitive movements
  • Depression, avoidance, anxiety

These signs of disconnect may not be as obvious, but they indicate a mind and body disconnect.

Taking an assessment of your outward appearance and matching it to your inward expectations can help spark change. You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.  

If you notice that your outside is not matching the inside goals, dreams, hopes, and preferences, it’s time to take a look at closing the gap. Getting to the root of why there is a disconnect and what you can do to change it is crucial toward change.  

Here are some ideas to help you start to see the harmony between your outside appearance and your inside thoughts.

Start a journal to explore your thoughts- Journaling can help you evaluate what is going on in your mind and reflected outward in your body.

Get a check-up– Seeing your physician for an annual check-up. At this check-up, doing a depression screening can help make sure you’re not facing any medical issues that might be affecting your health, appearance, and mindset – regardless of your mind and body connection.

Get moving- Being physically active is one of the best remedies for clearing the mind and reconnecting the mind and body. Getting your heart rate up releases chemicals in the brain that helps fight depression and help facilitate a healthy mind and body. 

Your insides may not match your outsides. That’s ok! The mind and the body are designed to work together. Suppose your outside doesn’t match your internal vision for your body, surroundings, and overall life experience. In that case, you can take action, connect the dots, and see a more authentic representation of your inward and outward life.

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