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Have you given thought to how your mind works in connection with your body? Much of the body seems to run on autopilot. You don’t think about making sure your heart beats, your lungs inflate, and that you exhale every time those lungs fill up. You never think about regenerating your cells or making sure your gut digests the food you eat. Nope! Most functions of your body seem independent of your mind. But in truth, it is not!

The body does many things on its own, but it does rely on the mind to lead the way. Your mind makes many decisions that directly affect the efficiency, health, and appearance of the body. The body may be responsible for using food for fuel, but the mind decides how it will be used (healthy or unhealthily). The body may wear the clothes that make the woman, but the mind chooses the clothing that comes off the hanger. 

Your mind and body are meant to be aligned and work together. 

Your mind and body are designed to be in sync and work together to enhance your health and vitality. Your mind influences your body, and your body affects your mind. It is beneficial when this cycle is a healthy and harmonious expression of who you are. But for many people, the mind works in misalignment with the body and negatively impacts the body. 

For example, when the mind senses danger, it alerts the nervous system and creates the fight or flight reflex, getting you to safety as fast as possible. However, if your mind is in constant survival mode, your body will respond to what you need to save your life. This means sending energy to your arms and legs, creating disharmony so that you can survive. For many people, survival mode is every day, most of the day, due to living with stress and anxiety. 

Sometimes your mind and body are disconnected. 

Sometimes there is a disconnect between the mind and the body. This disconnect tends to be unconscious, leaving you oblivious to the fact that one is truly influencing the other – whether negatively or positively. The key to reconnecting the mind and body is awareness. Becoming conscious that what you are thinking about could be sabotaging what your body is experiencing can result in:

  1. Headaches
  2. Illnesses
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Dissatisfaction with your style
  5. Weight fluctuations 
  6. And more! 

Closing the gap between your mind and body reconnects the synchronicity and gets things back on track with a healthy mind and body connection. 

Your mind and body have separate functions that are designed to be in harmony and work in sync with one another and positively impact each other. When your mind and body are connected consciously and healthily, your inward thoughts easily manifest in your outward expression and fully represent the best of what you are thinking in your mind and seeing in the mirror!

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