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If you’re an anxious person by nature, one sure thing that can elevate your feelings of dread and powerlessness is financial problems. Money worries can be some of the most toxic because of a lack of financial security encroaches on nearly every aspect of your life and the lives of your loved ones. I know it’s an incredibly serious issue that can snowball into other problems if you let it. A link between debt and mental health problems exists, and these struggles can often feel insurmountable. Read on to see how financial stress can harm your emotional outlook and to discover tips to get your finances to move past the agony of money-related anxiety. 

Money troubles are also known to contribute to physical health problems, interpersonal issues, and even addiction. You’ve probably dealt with headaches or digestive issues when you’ve been stressed out. Weight gain also occurs when long-term financial strain is a problem. You even likely know that finances are one of the most significant contributors to divorce. These types of conflicts can carry over to the office. When you’re stressed and irritable, your emotional target can be nearly anyone, and dealing with conflict in a mature, stable manner is difficult. 

More money isn’t going to appear magically, and I don’t want to seem patronizing with my suggestions. However, I also know that taking action to make even the smallest change in your situation can be empowering, often providing motivation to make additional changes. So let’s look at how you can get a handle on your finances to cut down on the anxiety related to them. 

You may think it’s a dirty word, but you do need a budget. Even if you don’t currently have enough money to go around, planning for the most critical place to focus your funds and considering some tangible ways to deal with the rest can give you a sense of control you’ve been missing. Try to focus on realistic and manageable changes you can make right now instead of losing what the future may bring. Falling into that trap will only lead to more anxiety. 

Consider what costs you can eliminate or cut down on. Then look at what debts require your immediate attention. If you’re unsure which debts to tackle first, get help from an advisor or a knowledgeable friend if paying a professional is not possible. You can also do some research online. Making informed decisions regarding your money and creating a plan should go a long way toward alleviating your anxieties.

Be gentle with yourself. You may have made mistakes in the past, and your finances might not be in the shape you’d like them to be. However, you’re trying and making proactive steps toward improving your situation. That means an awful lot. 

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