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When you’re anxious for an extended period, it can be incredibly challenging to focus on anything positive. Just getting through a day is a monumental task at times. So the thought of investing yourself in ways to overcome your anxiety seems downright impossible. However, as we’ve already discussed, taking proactive steps to engage your mind in other things is often precisely what helps to move past anxious thoughts. A focus on or belief in a spiritual way of life is another way to improve your mood. When you find your spirituality, you begin to see things differently and invest your energies in what is important to you. Let me show you how it can work. 

First of all, know that you don’t have to belong to one specific religion or to attend worship services in a fixed location with other people. A solitary spiritual practice can be just as effective in helping to manage your stress as formal worship with a group. One of the primary ways that spirituality helps to lessen anxiety is that it emphasizes something other than yourself. When you’re preoccupied with your problems, you get stuck in a holding pattern that only intensifies your anxious feelings. Spiritual practice allows you to dedicate your thoughts and actions toward a higher being, God, the Universe, your fellow worshippers, or practice-related philanthropies. Any steps to put your energy out into the world are beneficial toward overcoming the cycle of negative thinking anxiety can cause. 

Spiritual activities and practice can require a significant devotion of your time. Even if there’s no formal time requirement, you’ll likely want to get involved in learning as much as you can about your faith and figuring out the best ways to implement it into your life. Frankly, this time spent creates a beautiful distraction from the nagging pain of anxiety. You’re using your time constructively to better yourself in person and spirit. Any type of learning or self-growth is useful for combatting negative and self-destructive emotional patterns. Part of the reason anxiousness takes hold of people so firmly is that such thoughts become ingrained in mind. When you’re focused on anxious thinking, you tend not to believe that things will improve. 

Spirituality embraces all religions because it recognizes that all of them are different paths to the same destination. Most forms of spirituality are based on belief, the belief or faith that there is something greater determining life’s outcome. This type of faith can be one of the most powerful tools in overcoming a negative hold like anxiety. 

Therefore, taking up a spiritual practice might make more sense in your pursuit to deal with this dreaded issue than you ever could have imagined. 

If you’d like to cultivate your spirituality further, consider these ideas:

  • Practice openness. We tend to judge things by our past experiences. When faced with something new, try to keep an open and non-judgmental mind. Unique opportunities to learn and expand your perspective are all around you. Attaining a higher sense of spirituality requires being open to the possibilities.
  • Learn to listen. Few people listen. Most of us are merely waiting for our turn to talk. But it’s not just about listening with your ears. It’s about listening with your heart to hear what the world is trying to communicate to you.
  • See the beauty in people, things, and situations. Part of spirituality involves seeing the truth. There is beauty to be found in nearly everything, and recognizing it is part of recognizing the truth.
    • When you see the truth, you come to realize there are very few things to worry about.
  • Spend some time in nature. There are few things more spiritual than sitting in nature with the sun on your face and the breeze pressing against your back. Experience the trees, grass, flowers, and birds.
  • Look for the bigger picture. The mere act of wondering about the Universe and what it all means is an exercise is a spirituality.
  • Consider your purpose and true meaning to the world. What is the greatest gift you have to give?
  • Spirituality is ultimately about self-discovery. It can be considered the art and science of discovering who and what you are.
  • Stay focused on the present. Living in the past or the future isn’t living. Life can only be lived right now. Part of being spiritual is recognizing that living a positive life today leads to good things tomorrow.
    • Spend time each day focusing only on the moment you’re currently experiencing.
    • By focusing on your thoughts, words, and actions today, you have the ultimate amount of control over your life.
  • Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever feel comfortable enough to present your true self to the world? We’ve all done things the wrong way and come up short numerous times, but it doesn’t define us. It merely describes us in a particular situation at a specific time.
  • Allow yourself to be inspired. To fully learn about yourself, it’s important to experience new things. Meet new people and read new books. Only by being exposed to everything that interests you can you learn everything you know about yourself.

Spirituality is about appreciating all aspects of life fully. Most of us have learned to experience the world from the view of the surface. But there is so much more just below the surface.

When you find your spirituality, you’ve embraced many actions that help fight anxiety. Take some time to explore the process and follow a path that feels right to you. 

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