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Celebrate Your Victories and Successes

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I truly believe that celebrating our successes is overlooked far too often. We get so focused on the finish line and the big prize that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for the little wins that ultimately help us reach our destination. That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity in today’s blog post to remind you just how important it is to celebrate your victories and successes. Let’s look at the benefits of doing just that. 

You’ll Gain Perspective

Recognizing your small victories gives you wonderful perspective on how far you’ve come. You can feel proud of your accomplishment while looking back on the success you’ve had thus far. If you just keep going without noting and celebrating your mini-wins, you’re more likely to get burnt out and to not even notice how well you’re doing. Celebrations give you a reality check. 

It Drives Momentum

Having a little party of giving yourself a reward also gives you a burst of energy to keep that momentum going. Success builds upon success. You’ll want to continue doing great things once you’ve taken the time to recognize this newest victory. Your mind and soul just naturally want more of the reward you’ve just gotten. 

Your Brain Is Hard-Wired for Reward

In fact, that momentum you feel from celebrating your high points is actually backed by science. A portion of your brain known as the “reward circuitry” is activated after you make an accomplishment, even a little one. Chemicals, like the neurotransmitter dopamine, are released into your brain when your reward circuitry is kicked into high gear. These are known as “feel good” chemicals, and they lead you to experience the high and positive emotions that come from a job well done. Success also raises endorphins, leading you to feel happier. So keep on celebrating!

Celebrating Provides Motivation

You’ll want to keep having these wonderful feelings once you experience them. It’s part of what causes you to keep moving forward and feeling motivated to accomplish your next goal. Take advantage of the momentum gained by these feel-good chemicals to push you onto the next task on your list. Celebrating gives you the motivation you need to go forward, especially during otherwise difficult times. 

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Don’t forget to encourage others to celebrate your success with you. Recognition by those who are important to you will increase the effects of the above suggestions. If you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck, be sure to take time to recognize even the smallest accomplishment you’ve made recently. The rewards will be significant. 

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