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Don’t Let Temporary Setbacks Get You Down

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Times of change and difficulty require a lot of effort and focus on your part to navigate and to move past. When you’ve put in so much time and dedication, it’s devastating to encounter a setback. You feel like all the progress you’ve made has been lost. It can be incredibly difficult to get back on your feet and to keep pushing ahead. Don’t let temporary setbacks get you down, though. Follow these tips to move past them and put yourself back on track. 

Don’t Dwell on the Negative

Focusing on the struggle steals your energy. You get stuck in the bad times, and you truly are less able to do what needs to be done in order to reach your goals. You’ll feel more empowered by taking a short amount of time to let yourself feel the pain of the loss you encountered and then to brush it aside so that you can begin building yourself up again. 

Remind Yourself of Your Why

Maybe you’re feeling defeated because you’ve forgotten why you desire success in the first place. You want to overcome this challenge or deal with this time of change in a positive way for a reason. What will compel you to get back on the proverbial horse? Take some notes, do some journaling or talk to a friend if you need to get straight on your personal motivations for overcoming this setback. Dig deep to rediscover your why, and you’ll likely feel energized once again to fight the good fight. 

Affirm the Positive

Your confidence is likely shaken once you’ve been knocked down. That’s understandable. Try writing down or saying out loud some affirmations to remind you that you have a lot to offer. These concise, positive statements become believable with repetition, and your brain will see them as factual, leading you to act on these words. Give it a shot. 

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Build on Your Baby Steps

When you’re feeling emotionally shaken and overwhelmed, it can be hard to take even the smallest step to get out of your funk. However, sometimes that’s really what you need in order to see a snowball effect of progress. Just one baby step in the right direction can help you to feel more motivated, making it easier to make even bigger strides toward your goals. 

Find Your Cheerleaders

Reach out for help when you’re feeling stuck. Remember all the benefits we’ve talked about when it comes to having a support network. Call one of your most motivational friends to set up a coffee date. Look to those who know you best and who are the most affirming to give you the honest scoop on your potential. They’ll have you believing in yourself in no time. 

Getting back on your feet after a setback is possible. The hardest part is sometimes just deciding how to get started. I hope these suggestions will help. 

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