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In A Funk? Take A Shower And Get Dressed


In yesterday’s blog post, we talked about how to boost your self-confidence in troubled times. I gave you quite a few suggestions, and I stand behind those as powerful ways to feel better about yourself quickly. However, I left one idea out because I think it deserves its own focus. It’s not unusual, when dealing with life changes or traumas, to find yourself in a position of being at home with no place to go. During these times, it can be incredibly tempting to stay in your pajamas or yoga pants all day long, without bothering to shower or indulge in other grooming routines. In fact, the same can be said even for folks who need to leave the house for work or other obligations. This habit has a way of feeding a negative cycle of depression and feeling worthless. I’d like to take some time today to discuss just how beneficial it can be to your mood to take a shower and get dressed each day. 

Up Your Confidence

I touched on this earlier, but it’s the most obvious reason to get yourself put together there is, so I’ll bring it up again. You’ll simply feel more confident if you are wearing clothes you feel attractive in and when you take time to indulge in a grooming routine you enjoy. I’m not saying you have to wear the latest fashion or apply a meticulous layer of makeup. I do encourage you to dress and adorn yourself in whatever makes you feel most presentable to the world. For most of us, that’s not sweatpants or pj’s. You’ll have more energy and faith in yourself when you do these small things, I truly believe that. 

Get More Done

Once you’re feeling more confident, it’s easier to be productive. In fact, just that small act of showering and getting dressed can spur you on to accomplishing even more tiny feats. Maybe you’ll have the energy to make that phone call you’ve been dreading or to sit down to revamp your resume after procrastinating for the past two weeks. 

Improve Your Mood

As you get more done, you’ll feel happier, or at least in a better overall mood. The lack of inertia that comes with depression or sadness can seem incredibly difficult to overcome. Taking the time to invest in your physical appearance can sometimes be the small act that breaks you out of the spell of despair. It’s worth trying, anyway. 

Take Care of Yourself

In fact, it all goes back to the concept of self-care we talked about earlier. Taking the time and effort to invest in your wellbeing can go far toward improving many aspects of your life. Primping a bit to face the day is, indeed, a form of self-care. You’ll almost always feel more energized and optimistic when you do. 

I know it seems too easy to actually work, but taking a shower and getting dressed is a powerful step toward getting out of your funk. It’s at least worth a try. You may be surprised how well it works. 

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